Impact Modifier

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CPE Impact Modifier

Chloride Polyethylene (CPE) is saturated high-polymer material made by chlorinated HDPE, as an impact modifier, Chloride Polyethylene(CPE) could obviously improve the toughness and impact property of PVC products, meanwhile, effectively promote fusion and improve processability of PVC material, it is one kind of general impact modifier with super higher cost-performance, it is mainly used for PVC rigid applications, such as: profile, pipe, fitting, sheet, board and seal strip, etc.


ACM Toughness Modifier

ACM products is core-shell structure toughness modifier made by CPE with super high elongation at break and acrylic polymer, the ACM toughness modifier has super high elongation at break therefore could effectively improve toughness of PVC products. ACM toughness modifier also has perfect processability which could give good processability to PVC products. It is suitable for PVC rigid products especially for the field of low-temperature toughness and higher filler level.


Acrylic Impact Modifier

HL-750, it can endow PVC products with higher impact strength and excellent weather resistance, meanwhile can promote fusion of PVC material and improve processing performance. It is mainly used in PVC profile and PVC pipe field.  HL-CA81, under the condition of not influencing transparency to PVC basic material, it can largely enhance impact strength and with perfect weather resistance, meanwhile can improve plastification and processability of PVC material. It is suitable for PVC transparency products.  HL-505, it has excellent weather and heat resistance, which is suitable for PC, PC/ABS alloy etc. engineering plastics and PVC products with super high demand for weather resistance.

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