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ACM&CPE Toughness Modifier

ACM toughness modifier is polymer grafted by CPE and acrylic ester, with super high elongation at break therefore can effectively improve ductility of PVC.


Foaming Regulator For Soft Products

HL-82 is a kind of acrylic foaming regulator special for soft products. HL-123 is a bubble handling agent special for soft products.


Foaming Regulator For Board

HL series foaming regulators are super-molecular weight copolymer, Super high intrinsic viscosity can endow PVC material with higher melt strength to avoid bubble holes breaking therefore making uniform and tight cell structure.


SAN Processing Aid

HL series SAN processing aids can effectively improve processing ability and flowability of PVC material.


Lubricating Processing Aid

HL series lubricating processing aids are high molecular weight co-polymers with better metal release function, which can prevent the adhesion of the barrel and PVC melt efficiently.


Transparent Processing Aid

HL series transparent processing aid has good conformity with PVC resin, which can obviously improve the processing performance of PVC material and dispersion therefore can endow PVC sheets with better transparency.


General Processing Aid

HL series general processing aids are acrylic based co-polymer with moderate molecular weight to improve the processability in production,enhance the melt sheer while processing and lower the processing temperature.


High Chlorinated Polyethylene Resin

High chlorinated polyethylene resin is made from polyethylene through highly chlorination.


CM Rubber

Chlorinated polyethylene rubber is a saturated thermoplastic elastomer, CM rubber for short.


CPVC Compound

HL series CPVC compound are developed by using our own CPVC resin, it has good heat resistance, excellent corrosion resistance to acid and caustic, good processability and production stability and good mechanical property.


CPVC Resin

CPVC is a thermoplastic produced by chlorination of PVC resin that could be used in many fields. 


Acrylic Impact Modifier

HL-755 is a kind of acrylic impact modifier with core-cell structure. HL-CA81 is a kind of transparent impact modifier with core-cell structure.

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