"Rike Chemical" is always committed to sustainable development

Our company has always adhered to the concept of sustainable development and is committed to achieving a balanced and coordinated development in three aspects of economy, society and the environment.

We know that only in these three aspects have achieved sustainable development.

Only then can we have long -term and develop.

Economic aspect

We adhere to integrity operations, actively innovate, improve our core competitiveness, and pay attention to win -win cooperation with suppliers, customers and employees, and maximize economic benefits.


We pay attention to corporate social responsibility, actively fulfill social obligations, focus on employee benefits and social welfare undertakings, and make positive contributions to society through our business and activities.

Environmental aspect

We attach importance to environmental protection activities such as environmental protection and resource conservation, actively carry out environmental protection activities such as energy conservation and emission reduction and waste treatment. At the same time, we will strengthen environmental protection and education of employees, customers and suppliers, and promote environmental protection issues throughout the society.